Tom Smilovitis

Tom Smilovitis – Principle Facilitator of Smart City Perth

Working as a fellowship of leaders, we can foster Social Capital throughout our cities.

2018 marked forty years experience in family business, not for profit, property management and mentoring within the high-rise construction industry. Smart City Perth is an opportunity to give back and work with those that want to contribute to a brighter future for our city, state and country. 

I’m privileged to work with an array of people from various backgrounds who add Social Capital in their industry fields. I’ve asked some of them to verify in their words what they believe I offer as the Principle Facilitator of Smart City Perth.

Gerry Hanssen  ~ Construction Boss  “Tom’s character influences people, he is too hard to explain, he helps people find their soul”

Darren Linton ~ Hanssen, General Manager  “In modern times of social influencers; Tom has proven his core values of morals and ethics to influence, works in the real world. His experience and understanding of human nature, brings the best out of groups and individuals. Purely by developing culture and accountability. Our new company  motto is ‘Making a difference’ and Tom has been a big part of that.”

Clark Linton ~ Hanssen, Construction Foreman “Tom has been a great influence within our company, and myself. He will guide you to the edge, but be the first to catch you if you fall. That is, pushing your boundaries in all aspects of a balanced life; work, family and self. All the while, giving you solid foundations for leadership and, encouraging you to radiate your influence.. Thank you!”

Glenda Maxwell-Mcginn – Property ManagerTom is the most genuine and sincere person you could ever wish to meet and one of his main desires in life is to encourage and motivate people from all walks of life to excel. Not only in their chosen careers but in their own personal lives as well.

This amazing passion to encourage and motivate us is not just a gift but has been forged through his own circumstances and some deep soul searching with himself and God.

Tom is a great person to have as a friend, conference speaker, life coach, motivational trainer and I’m sure he’ll leave a lasting impression on all who meet him.”

Alex Liso ~ Uni Student completing practical engineering “Tom has been such a positive motivator for networking within the Perth community. From helping my career path and university degree to supporting my environmentally friendly food venture, Tom has been nothing shy of inspirational.”

Denby Jackson ~ Construction Foreman “I can’t believe the skills I have developed in the space of 12 months”

Steve Hasluck ~ Real Estate / City of Perth Councillor “Tom, you are the ONLY man I spend time with that will not even look at his phone when with me. This is a sign of respect in this modern world unlike many others”

Tom sees the best attributes in an individual and subtlety reminds that individual of those attributes.

Tom is a person you want to be around as he has a unique ability to fan the flame within you.”

Chris Bown ~ Ex Detective working with Ex prisoners  “Tom has a unique ability to draw greatness out of people, he is a man of high ethical character who leads by example and never asks anyone to do anything he is not willing to do himself”

Daniel Gwyther Jones ~ Director, Illumin Build “Tom is a unique individual, a very understanding and compassionate leader with very powerful practices. I would recommend Tom’s unique skill set in any walk of life!”

Amy O Grady ~ Hanssen, Construction Foreman “Tom has given me the guidance and knowledge to actively change the course of my career and more so my life’s outcomes through implementing life-long, age old principles and leadership skills. Before Tom came along, I felt hopeless and frustrated within my company as change seemed like an impossible reality. I doubted Tom’s ability to change anything, however as persistent as Tom is, he broke through the barriers of all our minds and created change widespread throughout our company.

He has impacted every leader we have here today. We are better people since meeting  Tom and somehow the world is a better place since he came on board.”

Quinton Tucker ~ Indigenous Australian – Social Entrepreneur ” Tom is a spiritual warrior who’s time has come. His pure strength is his knowledge in seeing the true potential in every individual regardless of race, culture or religion. Tom is inspirational and contagious”

Joe Stefanelli ~ Land Lord “Tom is a goal setter, for himself and foe others, always leaving you feeling a little uncomfortable if you simply wish to coast along in life.

Tom’s greatest attribute is that he is a genuine team player and believes that everyone is as good as himself. Tom will leave you wanting to achieve more for yourself and for others, without thinking “Am I worthy of such ambition”

Matthew Bogart ~ Accounts Manager USA “Tom’s influence caused me to re-think my paradigms and core values for the better. He has an innate ability to mentor through the use of humour, story telling and personal experience that draws you into his message of a holistic self development path which focuses on mind, body and spirit.

Tom attracted a a huge following on social media platforms where he extended his reach globally with his vision to impact and lift up people to become the best version of themselves.”

Paul Wilson ~ Construction Boss “I believe Tom’s influence has helped me to follow my path to success in my own company.”

James H Tee ~ Division of Tee Hup Seng Holdings (1918) “It’s an extraordinary rarity in business to come across such a remarkably effective and practical leadership mentoring & personal achievement program.

It had been a privilege to have experienced  the benefits of Tom Smilovitis’s counselling and guidance that is administered in a uniquely unobtrusive technique which assists the individual in identifying those personal issues that require attention and if necessary modification.

It is this sense that perhaps Tom’s pioneering method is unique”

Andre De Bar – Business Strategist “Tom’s ability to bring me to a point of awareness and understanding whilst tackling some of the most confronting personal issues and professional cognitive challenges was something that I never imagined would happen especially in the business world”

John Bell ~  Semi-Retired Business Strategist “It is always refreshing to catch up with Tom, he always helps me focus on the positives and he gives me re-newed energy and focus.

CHISENGA  ~ Rapper/Entrepreneur/Creative Director  “I met Tom about 2 years ago when he approached me and made a prophecy on my life that I can never forget. It is one of those things that felt strange until reality set in. We have since been good friends and, I somewhat look at him as a mentor. This in a way is a compliment to Tom. Nobody wants to follow a man that lacks vision.

Tom gets an idea and he is fired up about it. He pursues it with consistency and shares the vision with those smart enough to fathom the fact this major idea is actually possible.

There is definitely something great in a man that pursues a dream with a passion while lifting others up and making them understand that we could all play a part.”

Thank you for sharing your time with me when you could have been anywhere else.”

Rebecca Westphal ~ Maintenance Coordinator  “Tom approached every situation he put his mind to with a skip in his step, and a huge smile. No matter what problems he faced he could turn a negative situation into a positive. Hearing that big burly laugh resonating throughout the building meant Tom was on site and it always made me grin. Many people in the company questioned his genuineness with myself included as in this sad world we live in, it is easy to lack trust and question the honesty of anyone who portrays a life of happiness and zest for life every single day.

Tom showed me that this lack of trust is what was holding me back from self-discovery and my full potential. He did not give me any answers or secret insights to becoming a great leader but gave me enough information to piece together through my own reflection.

Thank you Tom for bringing your light and sharing with us that wild free spirit and I wish you all the best in your future adventures

Keep smiling”

Vivienne ~ Construction Coordinator “Tom you got my confidence up on how to use the computer and create email trails which are so important in our line of work as well as the way to use texting. You got me to trust you over the last two years which was very challenging and we got through it. Some of the things I would not have done two years ago, stuck in my ways, have unlocked”

Vander ~ South American on a working Visa “My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Tom last year through a job in Perth where through Smilovitis we were blessed all the time we worked together with a care, respect and attention that until that moment we had not found no one in this country. For us, we do not only win a boss but a friend who gave us an opportunity when we needed it most and who will carry in our hearts everything that has taught us. A man capable of transforming any environment of sadness into joy and any difficulty in prosperity.”