My encounter with the CEO of Australia’s strictest REHAB – Is he Driven or is he Led?

Is he Driven or is he Led The Lyndon-James family understand Social Capital at its finest I started hearing about this guy called Peter Lyndon-James some time ago and didn’t think much of it, just another story of a guy that went from the dark side to a fanatical religious side of life, or so […]

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Radical Transparency

Being transparent doesn’t guarantee having favour with everyone. Being transparent helps draw out those that identify with our values. Being transparent also makes us a target because of our values. It’s not up to us, how others see us. It’s not our burden to carry. Healthy Radical Transparency requires the development of an internal compass […]

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Perth CBD cannot possibly sustain itself, unless?

Who’s sustaining the 14,000 businesses in the Perth CBD? Companies are increasingly changing the way they do business in their endeavour to become more holistic and effective. The need for employees to visit the outside world from their city towers during the day becomes less frequent. Hot desks, innovative and relaxed work spaces, the new […]

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Be a walking contradiction

Be a walking contradiction. Life is not absolute. It’s filled with contradictions. It’s easy to judge someone when power is unchallenged. When a king is confronted by a supposed mad man from the desert for his adulterous affair, the king cuts his head off. (The king just gets rid of the voice) When an adulterous […]

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Passion vs Anger

Passion is that place that sees opportunities left, right and centre. Passion is that old fire in the belly that creates movement, it melts everything in its way. Passion fuels ideas till they’re realised. Some may call us idealists, dreamers, out of touch. Passionate people tap into the unknown and bring it to the known. […]

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