Smart City Perth


Getting the soil conditions fertile so the seed can prosper and multiply.


From the basic home, schooling and workplace environment, it’s all about the culture we set in place that determines the fruit we will produce.

Having a mother birthed in a harsh rural village setting in the mountains of northern Greece, conditioning the soil was paramount.

As new migrants in our suburban quarter acre Aussie block back in the sixties, mum turned the black sand in the back yard that resisted water into a paradise for any seed.

Conditioning the soil with all sorts of manures and hard labour, our suburban backyard could feed the whole neighbourhood with all the produce.

Lemon tree, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, spinach and all sorts of other produce in its season.

Producing wholesome communities isn’t an accident or luck, it’s deliberate.

Fostering a welcoming spirit starts at the ground level (it can’t be faked), it’s hard work to begin with but it pays off in spades ♠️.

Don’t accept any conditions as final, new conditions can be adopted, it just depends on what we want to grow.