Smart City Perth


‘The Job is the Boss’ ~ Construction Boss, Gerry Hanssen (His mum always did say he was called to be a missionary, she probably didn’t suspect he’d be doing it in the Construction Industry, focused on making a difference)

It’s important to have a complete open door policy but it’s equally important to remain mission focused, otherwise you’ll get burdened by those that don’t catch the mission.

When you’re mission focused you’ll not only gather momentum, others will join you.

Meanwhile on the side lines there will be those that will wander “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” and feel left behind.

Maybe they’ll catch it on the next cycle, remain focused on the mission.

One of my favourite sayings in the same light comes from Construction Boss and President of the Swan Chamber of Commerce, Gerry Hanssen ‘The Job is the Boss’ not peoples opinions.

Gerry has built a proven philosophy and construction company effecting thousands of people based on those five words.

Stay focused and attract those that have the same wholesome focus.