Smart City Perth


Life & Community must be fought for and the battle starts with the person in the mirror.

Inerdependence x2

In the land of the living, the journey from infancy to full maturity will always be attacked and replaced with politics, process and control.

Flow and synergy in community is a result from personal freedom, discipline and sacrifice on a quest to liberate others to experience the same. You can’t give what you haven’t got.

There is a natural birthing of loyalty beyond rules and regulations in a mission orientated life.

Very few know the power of interdependence because they get intoxicated with their own independence.

Me, myself & I

A room full of independent leaders is a room filled with toxicity. A room filled with interdependent leaders is a powerhouse.

Jesus was the epitome of an interdependent leader. he gathered the team, roll modeled action, unlocked the mission and died for the team. The team became one and went and changed the world.

Pick 12 people and pour your life into them. Help them in their journey from being dependent to independent, then agitate them to give back to become interdependent and unlock the power of community.

‘I am my brothers keeper’ who is my brother?

The World