Smart City Perth


Growing up with shows like Pot Black in the 70s as a kid, my older brother got me into snooker.

We’d visit my eccentric uncle who had a Snooker Room in his house likened to a James Bond film. The game was cool & sophisticated with an obvious military component to it.

It’s a game where you aggressively learn skills to sink specific coloured balls across a huge table. You’d often find yourself in the oddest positions with weapon like cues, planning your next shot. You also learn the art of cornering or snookering your opponent so they can’t make easy shots.

Getting ready for 2020, rest assured there are those that will attempt obstruct you from reaching your destination.

Think Now & Prepare for a Stella 2020

1. Up-skill
2. Don’t rest on yesterday’s victories
3. Be vigilant
4. Be strategic
5. Take calculated risks
6. Most of all, have fun

Aim to win, it’s just a game.