Smart City Perth


Phil is one of our latest members of the Swan Chamber and like many in small business, they lack confidence selling because they are so passionate and brilliant about what they do.

Phil builds his own 3D printers and creates some amazing products.

Sometimes we have to give people a real telling off 😁 when they lack confidence in selling their products.

All to often, it’s a little exhausting when we love what we do and we feel a little sheepish selling it especially when it’s new to the market..

People pay a reasonable amount when buy off people, otherwise the race goes straight to the bottom price.

The market will always determine the price therefore educate the market the true value of what you offer otherwise we’ll end up at the end of the line.

Business is unfortunately a cutthroat world and to truly remain ahead of the pack, we must remain innovative, vigilant and people centred.

I had such a blast telling Phil off, his products will sell themselves once Phil gets his head around some fundamentals. He’s going to create something unique for me to show.. I can’t wait.

Check out how long my finger is, now that’s a real telling off finger. 😁

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