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After 21 years of involvement in a religious organisation with so many many great early memories, unfortunately for me it ended badly.

As the years went on and I developed as a person, in my marriage, as a father and my connection to humanity, the church started to choke my every thought.

The more I achieved, the closer I got to the leadership table, the less joy I had.

It seemed we forgot our core values and many of us truly forgot how simple life was when we joined.

The rules that developed over the years were not only disconnected from the real world, they became a noose around our neck.

We started judging everyone and everything by its appearance rather than by its own merit.

After 21 years of association and giving everything I had, I mean lock, stock and barrel, the sheer thought of leaving seemed impossible. That’s how brainwashed I got.

Finally I left and to my surprise the sky didn’t fall, the earth didn’t disappear under my feet.

I set off to pioneer and independent church in my old neighbourhood. I did it for three years and to my surprise, strangers joined us for the journey.

No longer under the rule of ROME as it were, I preached what I truly believed, right or wrong. I reconnected with my soul, my core and my faith.

After three years I said to my wife I’m closing the church and developing my business skills. It took a while to come to grips that pastoring 18 years at this point didn’t mean it was a life sentence but just part of my story.

This article was in the local paper over 17 years ago and the essence of the article is absolutely true to this day, not that I’m called to pioneer a church in Morley, but the rest of it.

I love seeing young people find hope, I love influencing others for the greater good. I Love adhering to my God given conscience and no matter what the vehicle is, be it church or business, it’s all the same.

I am more than a Title, Pastor, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend, Member, Commercial Property Manager, Mentor, Business Person, Social Worker, Chaplain etc… I am Tom Smilovitis, highly complex and incredibly simple and so are you.

My encouragement to you is, never allow what you do today to define you indefinitely, you are more miraculous than that.

Unlock your spirit and mind to life’s possibilities and don’t get caught up in the shallowness of titles.

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