Smart City Perth


I decided to catch the bus into the city this morning and get back to practising smart living.

I started a chat with a homeless gentleman and then two.. let’s call it four… they seemed hungry so a bought four whoppers from Hungry Jacks and then two more, actually four more, eight in all, they just kept coming..

They had tragic stories but didn’t make a fuss at all. I think once they got over the fact I just wanted to know their stories they relaxed and in no time I felt accepted into the tribe..

I asked “What’s happening to our city, I felt safer in New York than down town Perth.

They, one by one acknowledged it’s different now, it’s unsafe and they to have to watch their backs and huddle in tribes to protect one another.

One of them, a seasoned drug addict and career prisoner said outright “IT’S THE ICE”

Another one who’s been on the streets for nineteen years “Homeless people stealing from homeless people, unheard of, it’s different”

Young dad 23 years of age 6 years on the streets, his brother died of heroine OD “I gotta kid and I’ll do whatever I have to to stay positive”

We chatted as a group for about an hour, people coming and going. I really felt pain in my heart when I looked into their eyes, beautiful souls, struggling, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s not all black and white, Perth, Western Australia has a drug problem and it needs to be addressed differently.

These guys gave me more insight in an hour than I can get from government and academia about grassroots issues..

Change comes through pain, sometimes we have to immerse ourselves in the pain to be creative.

They looked like sheep without a shepherd, vulnerable to the wolves.

How much worse do things have to be before rehabs like Shalom House get government funding and public financial support.

I also appreciate some social workers coming past checking on them and seeing how they can help, big hugs to individuals that value Social Capital..

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