Smart City Perth

Stewards will always outproduce slaves

Always go the extra mile, just remind yourself why?

Blessing others according to our ability.

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than being our fellow human beings keeper in their time of need.

Being liberal fattens the soul.

The moment someone, anyone tries to monetise me, they steal my energy.

What they fail to understand, I’m obligated to bless them, the money is simply a means, not a measurement.

Maybe one day I’ll see things differently, I surely hope not.

If some people only knew how far some of us go to see their lives prosper just because we have the means, perhaps they’d be different. Unfortunately, I think they do see and perhaps, they are just unwell in themselves.

We must remind ourselves from time to time, we are stewards not slaves. We must be free from all humans in order to serve them well.

No truer words that challenge this very concept come from my greatest teacher of all.

“Do good to those who spitefully use you” ~ Jesus

It’s about staying mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.