What does an XCOP, XCRIM and an XPREACHER have in common?

Casual Friday – For city Folk, it means not wearing a tie, for us, it’s a little bit more relaxed.

What does an XCOP, XCRIM and an XPREACHER have in common?

I often catch up with my oldest friend Mario on Fridays, we shoot the breeze and enjoy coffees at the beach.

Today, I felt to take to Mario to the Swan Valley and take a tour through Shalom House, no doubt, Australia’s strictest rehab facility.

The first thing you notice is the cleanliness and peace around the whole premises and the staff are just the most polite people you’ll ever come across.

Pete’s book is at the front desk ‘Tough Love’ for sale at $50 and Mario thinks, that’s a bit steep. I buy the book knowing the results of Shalom and am glad to contribute, we then catch up with Pete for a tour.

Mario gets a little overwhelmed by the efficiency, the staff, the setup and the complexity of the place as Pete talks numbers and how lives are being transformed.

At the end of the tour, the three of us share much in common, systems and toxic people in some way shape or form have failed us. The three of us walk with a metaphoric limp and our wounds run deep.

Mario was so overwhelmed, he grabs my book that I paid $50 for and asks Pete to sign the book, claiming it to be his. I laugh and buy another book, asking Pete to sign and I pay $100 for it, again glad to contribute to the spirit of Shalom House.

Fortunately, the three of us are led by the Grace of God who heals our deepest wounds. We prayed together and believe for greater favour. It was like walking through an ancient monestry, a beautiful spirit of peace.

The greatest challenges for Shalom House is, the powers that can really make inroads to social change in government are either choked by their own systems and toxic people just like the three of us in our past; or they are too intoxicated by the power that they currently have.

Either way, change must happen.

I’m confident more individuals that have a metaphoric limp like the three of us are growing in numbers and change is inevitable.

If you’re interested in a tour, PM me, you will be amazed.

Both Mario and I thank you Pete and staff for your Shalom Spirit.

#socialcapital #rehab #prisonreform #smartcityperth #swanvalley

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