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John was already a FREE MAN before he became a Freeman – Just like you

Dear young business person, you have plenty of time to succeed.

He’d get on the phone (when phones were connected to the wall) and call everyone he could to make sure they made the next network decades ago… (a time when Facebook was not even conceived)

“Tom, I would personally followup to make sure nobody missed out on a meeting” ~ John Stefanelli Senior

Mr John Stefanelli Senior received the honour of Freeman of The City of Swan just recently

The Freedom of the City is an honour bestowed by a municipality upon a valued member of the community.

Fact is, the moment John stepped of the boat in Fremantle, he became a true FREEMAN.. that’s why he is so successful.

His greatest quote “There is no security in life, only opportunity”

If you look back at the life of this statesman, his Freeman status came as a result of doing the hard yards as a young migrant to Australia.

From a small village in outback of Italy arriving in Fremantle with nothing but grit and sheer will to make it in this promised land, Australia.

What young business people need to grasp is, opportunity is yours for the taking like Mr Stefanelli.

He worked longer hours than everyone else. He was a great people builder. He was a brilliant network developer and still is in his 90s..

When he became President of the Swan Chamber in 1973, he worked tirelessly to help others grow their businesses as well as his own.

Be encouraged if you haven’t reached your life ambition, everything worthwhile takes time.

What a refreshing example of being steadfast in life and a man going the distance with integrity.

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