Smart City Perth

Urban design measured by the health of its citizens

‘Developing global cities with a social conscience’ is just smart urban design that reassures repeat business.

I had a chat with one of the new apartment owners during the launch of one of Perth’s latest lifestyle developments by Finbar.

Local Government, Developer, Architect, Investors, Builder, working in collaboration to create Urban Rehabilitation at its best, on the site of the old Golden Egg in Palmyra.

For over fifty years the Golden Egg processed its eggs right here and as they continued to grow their business model, this site became obsolete.

In the heart of great urban redevelopment, the opportunity to create something fresh and in keeping with the times, Palmyra Apartments Estate was completed launched yesterday.

I had a chat with one of the buyers after the cutting of the ribbon by the Mayor of Melville, Charmain of Finbar, Joint Venturers and the builder Gerry Hanssen.

I asked why she bought into the new complex. Her response was typical of many who seek an easier lifestyle. “My husband and I have downsized, want an easier lifestyle, no more garden maintenance and the pool was a huge draw, creating a resort style of living”

I asked if she had any reservations “My only reservation is the bad stories you hear about problems with buildings especially all the bad media from over east”

I reassured her while we stood next to the art at the front of the building denoting it’s egg history of the site. “Be reassured, if you have any issues with the building, Gerry Hanssen will look after you personally if you don’t get good service. I’ve worked long enough along Gerry to know the pride he takes to do the right thing”

It was just great to see her face light up knowing she’s made a huge investment on a promise by the developer, Finbar ‘developing better lifestyles’ that it’s backed up by real people holding themselves accountable to deliver.

I would encourage anyone south of the river in Perth to check out these apartments.

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