Smart City Perth

A Manhattan restauranteur staying ahead of the game.

He’s as MAD as they come

My wife and I made a new friend, John, an extraordinary Irish guy that was no longer interested in being a CPA, got into the restaurant business over 28 years ago.

At the height of his and his wife’s restaurant empire within Manhattan they had dozens of restaurants with over 700 staff.

These days they’ve slowed down with just six ongoing unique establishments which he graciously took my wife and I on a tour after our dinner.

His wife is the main designer and he’s the operations guy.

In one location, they dug beneath three restaurants 2M deep and approx 400M2 of space to create the ultimate kitchen to facilitate all his restaurants. Doorways were going everywhere, staff were going everywhere, meeting the needs of the restaurants above.

My wife and I just laughed as he showed us an enterprise that reflected the workings of a Swiss Watch.

His comments to many of our questions were summed in a statement, ~ “You have to remain competitive in this current climate, staff costs and training good people will always be your greatest challenge.”

His wife is such an artist, with each toilet wall having specific led light type art, let alone the quality of the full restaurants fit-outs.

With all that in mind, I’m trying to woo him to create what he has in Perth and in the Swan Valley, it would go absolutely OFF. (He’s intrigued at the possibilities, but thinks his wife would kill him) 😁

At 58 years of age, I asked John “What’s next?”

His response “I’m getting involved more and more in changing the community through various business networks and holding government accountable to help others succeed”

We talked about politics, family, making a difference and back to family.

What an amazing experience.

The lesson I’m always being reminded of when I meet crazy success, they never keep their eyes off the ball.

Success is not an accident, it’s intentional no matter how humbly someone tries to deny it.

The difference with some, like John and his wife, they are also intentionally focused at making a better society because they have a social conscience.

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