Ultimatums have a short life span

Quirky things that shape us

We sat on a park bench discussing the affairs of the organisation and I shared my concerns.

He was being polite and understanding to a point. He then goes on to say words to this effect “You’ve only dealt with the nice side of me to this point”

It was a moment of clarity for me, I knew he’d throw me under a bus when the time came.

I said words back to him “What other side is there, I just thought I was seeing you?”

He got me into a mental tailspin, I’d known him for decades. Had he being lying to me all along or was he uncomfortable with my perpetual openness?

He assumed that my loyalty could be overridden by my conscience, how wrong was he.

I may have done some serious mistakes in the past, but they were sincere mistakes of ignorance.

What this guy wanted me to do was to blatantly deny my conscience of doing the right thing by giving me an ultimatum.

Ultimatums have a short life span.

He knew he said the wrong thing to me by using his assumed authority to crush my free spirit and in the end we both lost.

He lost my trust, I lost my ability to respect titles under the guise of leadership.

These days I truly trust anyone, no titles needed, I just verify everything.

If I see authenticity, my vote is theirs, if I see duplicity my heart feels for them.

One thing is for sure, my conscience isn’t for sale. I don’t want to be right, I want to be able to do right.

Undercover bullies aren’t that good at hiding their intentions. Don’t fear them, pity them.

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