Smart City Perth

A global mindset

A global mindset according to the creator is different to a franchise, religion and a corporation.

McDonald’s has a global mindset

Religion has a global mindset

Corporations have a global mindset

When Jesus said to his disciples “Go into all the world and make disciples” I just can’t help but believe, he didn’t mean create cookie cutter organisations.

If Jesus was the full representation of all who God is (which I believe) then his message was global, it was multicultural, it was all inclusive.

It was not a franchise message

It was not a religious message

It was not a corporate message

These three messages are exclusive, they lack authenticity, they lack the creators touch.

Science reveals the creators touch through nature, it’s diversity and it’s deep mysteries.

I travelled the world once upon a time spreading a corporate, religious franchise of a message. Everywhere I went, my Commision was to build the brand. We looked the same, talked the same and acted the same, yet we weren’t the same.

My faith started as a teenager filled with hope and love for the world 🌎. I truly had a global mindset just like my creator intended. By the time the group was with finished with me, I was conditioned, lacked faith and struggled to love those not in my tribe.

It took a fire storm to free me from my hardened shell and get me back to my first love.

Don’t comfort yourself in the smallness of your tribe, it only reflects a speck of the creators love and hope that’s on offer globally.

Imagine developing a city with a global mindset, a city led by conscience.

A city set upon a hill, a city filled with faith, hope and love.

A lighthouse city ~ Jesus

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