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Peace is an inside Job – Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health (applicable to women I’m sure, but this is a call to men)

Men will choke when it comes to sharing their feelings with other men.

Men often keep their dark feelings to themselves or they vent to their partners, children or their work subordinates.

Compound these inner negative feelings and over time these men will find themselves in serious trouble.

If only these men realised that their partner, their children, their subordinates are not the enemy.

At some point we stopped listening to our inner voice or we’ve never learned to listen to it.

This is the voice that has the ability to separate our circumstances and other people from our intrinsic value.

Mental Health can only be achieved if we can be honest with ourselves. Mental Health is not without its challenges.

My saddest days were my most successful days. I had a position, I had things and I was occupied 24/7.

My most significant days are the little things that flow out of honest conversations with myself. These are the conversations that I am able to share with other human beings without requiring their validation.

Over ten years ago, I loathed myself and I was slowly destroying every relationship that mattered. I cornered myself and my mind was spinning out 24/7.

I pray no one ever gets to this point, but if you do, I’m confident that it may be the very beginning of tuning into yourself.

I remember the day the static stopped, I tuned into my inner voice and the clarity was overwhelming. It’s like my mind returned to me.

Men’s Mental Health is challenging, it’s worth fighting for.

In all honesty, I’m grateful that God met me and helped me to tune into my God given conscience. That was the day all the white noise and static disappeared.

I hope you to will have a moment of clarity. It’s that beautiful moment when your inner voice just thrills you and it’s in unencumbered by every other voice vying for your attention.

Faith, hope and love are within our reach and the greatest of these is love.

We can’t give what we haven’t got, it’s hard to love others when we loath ourselves.

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