Don’t worry – listen to the birds sing each morning, catch up with your thoughts – not everything you think is you

It was not until my mid forties that I slowed down and started hearing the birds sing.

Perhaps I was too ambitious chasing the wind or had something to prove. Worrying about tomorrow and completely missing out on today.

These days I try and catch my breath as often as I can and not allow other people’s expectations or anxieties rule my life. We often lose our peace when other people’s expectations don’t reconcile with our expectations of life.

Yesterday while sitting in this beautiful garden in the midst of a concrete jungle I noted how empty it was.

Feet away from me a well suited up man was deep in thought and typical me I interrupted him saying “I can’t believe people aren’t enjoying this beautiful garden” and found out about his life. Like me, this man has not taken the time to hear the birds sing. He had to leave for his meeting and we exchange cards and in parting he says “I want to be like you, dress like you, let’s catch up and in a while, I’m looking to recalibrate”

This man didn’t lack success by any means, he just hadn’t stopped to listen to the birds sing as God intended for us in life.