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I am results driven as any leader or manager should be.

My personal mantra ‘be effective, not busy’. It’s a smarter way of living which allows us to reap the most out of life without jeopardising what we hold most precious; our health, our relationships and our sanity.

I look to bring the best out of people by developing their confidence and most importantly the way they think and act. People will always produce when they have the right skills for the job and some self respect.

The Itinerant is aimed at inspiring a new generation of leaders, business people and social entrepreneurs, unleashing possibilities as the end goal.

My short Bio

My early survival skills were entrenched in me as a migrant child to Australia from a small village in Greece/Macedonia. As I watched the interplay of a family learning a new way of life while holding onto our traditional way of life, it made me very observant from childhood.

Imagine growing up in a family of five with three languages going on all at once at the dining table. My mother and father spoke Macedonian to each other, the children spoke Greek to the parents and the siblings spoke English to each other. That’s what politics, ideology, religion and migration will do to you. You learn to adapt or stagnate, I’ve continually learned to adapt and prospered through the inevitable school of hard knocks.

My life’s work, some forty years, has given me tremendous exposure to healthy and unhealthy cultures within the not for profit communities, commercial and construction industries. The Itinerant draws on the wealth of wisdom and knowledge gained from the people and places that make up my life. As passionate as I am, I don’t take myself too seriously, life is too short.

I believe in dreaming big, backing yourself, supporting others and never settling for mediocrity. The world will benefit much with a few more wholesome citizens.

The Itinerant is proudly Perth based in the state of Western Australia with a global reach, always looking to connect people to opportunities.

I’m confident that if you engage The Itinerant for personal development or organisational culture development, it would be a refreshing experience. I’m a huge advocate for smart living and making the most out of our current circumstances.

I am results driven as any leader or manager should be, let me help you get the results you are seeking.

Tom Smilovitis

Please email me direct to discuss a tailor-made program to suit your needs on tom@smilovitis.com