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Graffiti and street art; One protests against the system, the other adapts and influences the system.

Pic taken in a lane-way along side a public park in Wellington NZ.

Years ago I attended a community meeting held by leaders of a youth program. Local council officials, police, landlords and property managers like myself were among the group.

It was an opportunity for a youth program to work with local graffiti artists and encourage street art on public and private buildings, they believed it would discourage malicious graffiti.

I must admit, I hated the idea and backed the police and landlords believing street art would encourage more unwarranted graffiti, believing these young enthusiasts were ignorant of social issues.

How time has passed and allowed me to view the world through a different lens.

My life back then was led by control and order, creativity was the last thing on my mind.

It took a number of incidences to unravel me and in doing so enlightened me to be kinder to myself and the world around me. The following incident was the beginnings of my unraveling.

I tried to help a young man many years ago who was definitely in the creative space with his retro dress code and black nail polish. As we chatted, he noted my key ring full of keys. I explained to him what all the keys were for and he had the look of horror commenting…

“Who wants all that responsibility?”

He was spot on, the more efficient I was at my job, more keys were passed on to me and slowly drowned me of any creative space.

I’ve spent as many years decluttering my life of keys and this has greatly enhanced my senses to beauty of the simplest things.

Our worth is intrinsic and shouldn’t be confused with our output. I placed way too much value on output forgetting to take care of my soul.

If I was in that same meeting today, I’d back the youth program and engage with as many street artists as I could.

It’s never too late to balance the books of the body, mind and spirit in our everyday life.

Take time out to inhale the creative space.