Smart opportunity for a city council – Putting Perth on the world map if they dare to lead

With city councils costs rising dramatically, wouldn’t they be truly heroic if they offer a surprise to their residents by eliminating any further hikes on rates for the next few years.

I took this pic at a teaching lesson at Shalom House by its founder. Men ready to make a difference as they turn their back on a life of self destruction.

Imagine a city council that is fighting a local not for profit, which could be the very key to reducing costs to every rate payer.

The solution is so simple, so ridiculously simple and it exists in the midst of the Swan Valley.

It’s called Shalom House (a house of peace)

Over the last twelve months I’ve spent time meeting some hope filled men from all walks of life. These men are cheerful, respectful and are becoming highly disciplined as they reintegrate back into society from a life of substance abuse.

These men aren’t outsiders, they are our brothers, fathers, sons, neighbours and friends.

Part of Shalom’s ritual is to reintegrate these men by getting them back to work, giving them their integrity back while they deliver services to the community.

Imagine if a city council took up the opportunity to engage these men to clean up the city at a competitive rate, I could almost guarantee a slash in the costs of the city’s upkeep. Over a hundred men ready to give back and the number is growing.

I’m confident a local council will find huge financial gaps between the current services provided and the costs associated. The discipline and efficiencies I’ve seen in the Shalom program will unsettle any current service providers that have city contracts won by the tender process.

Let me go on and make it a little more personal.

Imagine if the Swan City council worked with state government to facilitate an old youth prison called Riverbank (where Bon Scott of AC/DC struggled as a 16 year old). A detention centre that has been out of action for years and allow this extraordinary rehab centre (Shalom House) to expand on their successful program.

Just think, a place once filled with horror stories of incarceration with little to no healthy results of reintegrating young men radically reversed, giving hope back to society as a whole.

These acts of leadership would spark a fire of hope, innovation and humanity in a world strangled by regulators.

I don’t know the founder of Shalom House other than a quick conversation here and there, but I have met numerous recipients of the program.

Judge something by its fruits not whether it complies or not.

If city councillors, officials and executives had an ounce of leadership, they’d consider the diamond in the rough right in the midst of the City of Swan.

In a time where Western Australia is experiencing a substance abuse epidemic, it’s criminal to dismiss Shalom House, let alone incriminate them for their unusual success in rehabilitating men once trapped in the grips of substance abuse.

Local Government has the power to facilitate opportunity or regulate law. The choices they make reveals their intent.

It’s a smart opportunity for a city council to put Perth on the world map of hope, if they dare to lead.

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