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Take time out to sharpen the axe – Working harder doesn’t always guarantee greater outcomes

My local fruit and vegetable shop was sold a number of months ago and you could instantly tell something changed.

Shelves looked lean, the quality had dropped and the vibe was dead.

The previous owner, an old Italian man had that shop for decades and the customer base was strong. The prices, quality and service stayed sharp for as long as I can remember.

But the new buyer thought he knew better and changed almost everything about the once successful little business. His staff tried to tell him that he’s ruining a business that previously had a great reputation. As always, people vote with their feet and I to joined the exodus.

I hadn’t been there for months and I needed some celery, so I dropped in quickly only out of convenience.

It was so obvious, the new owner didn’t listen to any advice and he ruined the simple system of the previous owner.

Now the new owner works harder, opening his store from 54 hours a week to 84 hours a week.

If your prices are wrong, the quality of your product is poor and your service has no soul, you may get a desperate customer from time to time to buy celery but loyalty and good will is ruined.

Take time out to sharpen the axe rather than reek of desperation and not delivering what the market expects.

Work smarter not harder