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They vote him in and then they try and shut him up – Irony (Chambers need leaders)

One of the greatest privileges we have as an individual is to give back to society by choice and not by coercion.

Business chambers, not for profits and government have been given a bad rap in recent years and I’m sympathetic to the disgruntled voices.

In the absence of a leadership that inspires and rallies people to a greater future by investing in our youth, we will continue the down-would spiral of blame.

I’ve been watching my local chamber in the Swan region go through a turbulent season of change, renewal and struggle for relevance. With a core membership and a strong long-standing reputation representing small business and government engagement, this change needed to happen,WHY? 

Because there was no clear sense of direction, no clear leadership and no clarion call for our current challenging times

So the chamber vote in a new president knowing that he is controversial, knowing that he is outspoken. Then from the day he was voted in, all they’ve been trying to do is to keep his mouth shutBlind leading the blind.

Rather than trying to keep the President’s mouth shut, most don’t see the opportunity that he has set the tone to give small business people their voice back. The President speaks his mind and what he believes is best for the community. He encourages all business leaders to do the same.

A business chamber is not another political party, trade union or a religious group with its doctrines and dogmas. A business chamber exists to help the business community grow in any way shape or form as long as its legal. As a member of the Swan Chamber of Commerce, I finally feel it’s getting back to its roots to hold government accountable; and inspire a new generation of businesses in a technological world filled with opportunity and challenge.  

A business chamber also allows room for successful and established business people to give back and mentor a new generation of entrepreneurs at a grassroots level.

If you’re young and aspire to get into business, join your local business chamber. If you’re a successful business person, join your local business chamber or another noble not for profit and give back to a society that has blessed you.

Pic taken of the President of the Swan Chamber of Commerce one weekend when I visited him. I caught him planting a tree and watering it while he spent time mentoring a young up and coming entrepreneur. Very symbolic, he’s still planting and watering a tree that the next generation will benefit from.

The world can do with a few more controversial, outspoken and successful leaders like him.

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