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Belly flops and less rules

I think therefore I AM ~ René Descartes

Encourage common sense and deregulation

Walking along the Swan River early on a particular Sunday morning I reminisced on the simplicity of my childhood.

Coming down to this river with a bunch of my friends, climbing this bridge and jumping into the water was the norm. (We were barely teenagers) with no adult supervision.

These simple and perhaps risky childhood joys are forever lost in the name of safety. These days you’d be considered a thoughtless and irresponsible human being worthy of being criminally charged.

The worst thing that ever happened to any of my friends was a sore stomach when you landed in the water in an awkward position. You soon learned two things, don’t jump again or learn to jump properly.

Street smarts is the learned art of engaging the mind, we thought for ourselves. 

Safety has become such a preoccupation in the western world that thinking things through for ourselves is almost unheard of.

If Moses could write ten rules to guide a nation through the wilderness; why do we create thousands of rules, regulations and subtexts just in case we missed a full stop or comer somewhere in the plethora of rules mania. It’s as though thinking more rules will make us smarter and safer rather than just thinking things through.

My greatest fear of all, is that our youth can’t make judgements for themselves because we have taken all the ability to think objectively out of the picture.

What makes us human is our ability to think, what turns us into a machine or product is to disconnect the cognitive part of the brain.

Our role as leaders isn’t to turn our youth into mindless puppets, our role as leaders is to challenge them to think.

This is why I believe in less not negotiable rules that are completely enforced in order to release people to get the best out of them.

Self Disciple creates freedom, not insidious micromanagement.