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Emerging Economies – Old wine skins and new pathways

Ask yourself when you’re around a suspected old wine skin “Do relationships & ideas thrive or die around them?”

“no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins” (an ancient method of carrying wine & a 2000 year old parable about staying relevant) 

Old wine skins say “This is how we’ve always done it” but will it hold the new wine full of life, expanding in all directions?

The way of doing business beyond 2018 is so much faster & broader. It is exciting for those who have a new wine mentality, they will capture the new market & influence the next generation without compromising timeless ethics & values.

Old wine skins that haven’t been maintained become brittle, dry & inflexible spilling out the new wine that needs space to mature. 

Systems that are outdated, burdening all those that are prepared & ready for greater capacity & efficiency.

Regulations that inhibit innovation, all in the name of playing by the rules of an outdated game.

People that are stuck in their small world, killing the possibilities of new worlds being birthed.

We are living in the greatest of generations & those that are willing to self develop & keep growing don’t have to be victims of old wine skins that no longer serve a purpose.

I find nothing more offensive than individuals in positions of authority or power who in themselves have stopped growing. They become a burden to progress & the greater good; especially knowing that there is a whole young generation waiting to be led into new frontiers.

Stay relevant, keep pushing personal boundaries, up skill, always look at the bigger picture, be a team player, partner with big thinkers & doers, be shameless about doing right and last but not least….

Keep clear of those that have become complacent & comfortable because they’ll drag you down to their miserable fruitless existence. 

Ask yourself when you’re around a suspected old wine skin “Do relationships & ideas thrive or die around them?”

Stay young at heart & watch the old wine skins burst all around you.